Remember Tulsa 1921 – BWS Pin

Our Tulsans Commemorations pin is a symbol of both remembrance and hope for wealth and a unified future within our black community.

These pins are an initiative to pay homage to what happened in Tulsa’s Greenwood District but to also continue their legacy of wealth and community.

Wearing the pin is to support our community we also want it to be a personal reflection a time to think about our choices in life and whether we believe we are doing enough to support and better our community, and we would greatly appreciate the support and participation in this initiative to help us build a better future for our generations to come.

“You need to build your own businesses and hire your own children. Its absolute criminal to keep having babies and then sending them into somebody else’s neighbourhood to beg for a job”

Dr Claud Anderson

This is exactly why tulsans aims to introduce this initiative globally so that we can remember the legacy that our, what once was the “Black Wall Street” had left behind. We want to be able to put the future into the hands to our children and rebuild our black economy the way it should have been if not for the tragic massacre.

Our ultimate goal

To pay homage to and share the rich legacy within Tulsa that was “Black Wall Street” with the world!.

We as a community will build a black Wall Street that will be replicated globally, providing jobs and opportunities, leveraging our community and celebrating black excellence, supporting business within the black community and providing platforms where we can all grow economically.

With every sale of these commemoration pins we are not just remembering Tulsa for the tragic massacre but we are continuing their legacy as we believe that if our black Wall Street still existed today our community would have been different.

What we will do with the money

The money raised from this pin will go back into our black community, We want to affectively be able to make an impactful difference In our home land “Africa” where we can work to providing resources for Africa to freely thrive, Help our youth in areas of difficulties, e.g financial support, Jobs, Entrepreneurship and any other support sectors needed. Building infrastructures that will aid us into giving us platforms where we can be in control and in demand of our economic growth, helping and contributing funds to political parties that are here to support our black communities. Funding and creating a hub for black excellence to thrive.

We all need to REMEMBER TULSA, reflect and never forget. This important part of Black History is never taught or told- our brothers and sisters lifted themselves by their bootstraps- traded among each other and their coin circulated within the black community for 1 WHOLE Year before needing to leave …

We believe Tulsa could’ve been, Should have been the catalyst of our restoration of financial freedom, economic power and generational wealth. We want the world to remember Tulsa. So we commemorate this day from 1 June 2021 a day of solidarity and change- Be a part of a better tomorrow, today!

Be a part of our history and our future. To pre-order your pin follow this link

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