Valentine is Coming!

Let me give you some love and affection, you got my attention,” is anyone else singing this song or is it just us at tulsans preparing for Valentine’s Day? February 14th is upon us and we have creative indoor date ideas to spice things up with that special someone in your life…or just for the night. Whether you’re grown and sexy or more of a fun romantic; we want to pull out (no pun intended) all the tips to help set the mood. 

Couples who Cook Together, Stay Together

It’s obvious that there won’t be any fine dining at your favourite restaurant this year, but if you’re looking for a simple way to boost intimacy, communication and connection, try cooking a meal with your partner.  Check out our Mexican, Authentic Recipes from South of the Border cookbook to whip up a dish or 48 Recipes to Impress Your African In-laws, for those seeking an engagement ring soon.   Last, but not least, don’t forget the wine. Our 2020 7Even Rose and Blue Nun Rosé Sparkling pair well with versatile menus.

It’s All Fun & Games

For those who are more on the silly side of romance,  it’s nothing like a little healthy competition to keep the night fun and stress-free.  Studies show that couples who play board games have an improved love life. Baylor University found that couples who played board games together released more oxytocin aka the love hormone. So, if you want to roll the dice and include games in your special night, check out Ludi Board Games that are made to order. And again, don’t forget the wine.

Grown & Sexy

Now, for my ladies. If you’re ready for that type of party to go down at the end of the night, you might want to try our final suggestion days or at least twelve hours in advance. In addition to health, we all know the sexual power and awaken sensuality the yoni brings. Take your Valentine’s night to the next level by checking out our Take Care of You Yoni Steam.  

Thank you for letting us stick the tip in with our ideas to make your night of passion fun and memorable. 

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