How to increase sales on tulsans

We have pinpointed a few areas to focus on to help increase sales on our platform. We are all about helping you to find more ways to increase sales on the tulsans platform.

So we have come up with 7 tips to help you leverage your sales.

1. Title optimization 

Titles are one of the main ways to get your customer’s attention, so optimize, optimize, optimize.

Try and focus on this formula brand name + Product name + features (e.g size, colour, gender, usage, or any other important feature that makes your product stand out such as use.) This tells your customers everything they are potentially looking for in just the title but also will make it allot easier for your product to be found using keywords.

2. Customers feedback

We are not saying its easy for to get customers to leave reviews but its important to persist on getting them to leave reviews. Customers mostly shop using trust factors, our normal shopping behaviour starts with; interest, 87% of buying decisions start with research. Customers look at Product quality and seller reputation. Another 88% say they trust online reviews say they trust reviews or direct recommendations. 

Which leads us onto tip:

3. Sales Rep Marketing scheme.

Although as a seller you cannot also be a sales rep, does not mean you cannot encourage, friends, family and associates to sign up and Become a Sales Rep. 

Sales reps can promote your store or products, create their own website, sync your products, and make a commission from sales made through them. This not only extends your product reach, but it’s a win-win they make money too, best of all their commission does not affect your earnings. We foot the bill on this one. Find out more about becoming a Sales Rep. 

4. Product photo quality is key

One of the best ways to get your customers attention is great photo. You don’t need a 4k camera but you do need to keep some of these points below in mind.

  • Try and get as much natural light as possible
  • Try to keep your backgrounds clean and where possible take on a clean white space.
  • Stay far away from screen shot images, Let’s just reiterate, stay far away from screenshots.
  • Try and shoot multiple angles for your gallery
  • Try to place your product in lifestyle situations so buyers can see how it should be used.

Think of your products as your finely ironed suit and tie you prepared to secure the new role. I mean you wouldn’t turn up with washed out or crumpled t-shirt now would you. (We’d like to hope not!).

5. Offer discounts and store coupons

You can offer your own store discounts (after-all we all love a sale) or you can join our site wide promo discounts across the year (we will keep you posted on our schedules).

6. Free shipping = more sales

Offering free shipping will increase your checkout rate. If you feel like you are losing out, consider adding the cost to your product price.

7. Promote your shop links!

Whilst we work hard to promote all of our sellers, analytics show that 35% of organic sales come from you sharing and promoting your shop links. So include it on your social bio’s blog posts or any other platform you have an audience, you are your own direct recommendation.

Follow these steps and you are sure to start increasing sales on the tulsans platform.

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