[FULL EPISODE] Dr. Umar Johnson on Cannon’s Class

This interview is one to watch.

We came across this interview with Dr. Umar Johnson, and we thought it was a very interesting interview that touches on a lot of issues that our community faces.

There are a few topics which raises some questions

  1. Should black people go to a phycologist? or should we create our own mental health system to solve to our own community mental health issues Dr. Umar says “You can’t send people to get their problems solved by the same people that caused those problems”
  2. Why is it hard for black people to create our own political economic barricade around our interest in other words why are we the only community that do not have an economic community? Are we ashamed to be black?

One Thing that stood out to us is that Dr. Umar says “according to Forbes or new York times, theres 100 more black Millionaires into America as of 2020” Is this a good thing?

Watch the full video and leave your comments and thoughts below.

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