Why Yamoa Powder is becoming Popular

Recently we have been seeing an increase of sales for Yamoa Powder and it raised our curiosity as to why.  So we looked into it, and found some interesting facts about number one what Yamoa powder even is and number two what makes it so sought after. We thought we would share with you a few facts about Yamoa Powder. We are about to embark on a fantastic journey to discover how this Powder came to be.

What is Yamoa Powder

Yamoa Powder is a tried-and-true, scientifically-proven, and effective solution to treating chronic respiratory problems. This vegan food supplement comprises of one single pure component that is 100 percent natural, additive-free, and has no undesirable side effects, making it excellent for those who want to avoid pharmaceutical medications.

But what actually is Yamoa Powder and where did it come from. Yamoa™ is the powdered bark of a gum tree from Ghana, which has been traditionally used mixed in honey and taken twice a day to eradicate the symptoms of breathing ailments.

Short History

Indigenous peoples all over Africa and the world use the natural therapeutic powers of the plants in their environment on a regular basis. In fact, when willow tree bark was discovered to be a pain reliever, the pharmaceutical industry was born, and aspirin was created.  Traditional medicine can be practised by a healer or shaman in African culture.  These remedies have been used successfully for centuries.

Akua Asirifia was one of these shamans, a grandmother known locally for her healing touch. Jerry, her grandson, recalls her having large lines of people, both young and old, waiting outside her house. She would cure patients suffering from debilitating asthma and other respiratory and bronchial diseases, such as hay fever, using a powder prepared from a gum tree.  In the majority of cases, one treatment was sufficient, and patients were finally free of the physical problems they had been suffering from for years. Patients began telling a Swiss doctor, Hans (Johann) Heinrich Meister, working with the Basel Mission in the Agogo Presbyterian hospital in the Ashanti region of Ghana, that their problems had entirely disappeared after taking the gum tree powder as early as the 1970s. Because he, too, had long suffered from asthma, Dr. Meister looked into these claims.  He went out of his way to find Akua and was blown away by the outcomes. He had been cured.  He then requested Akua for permission to have the powder tested for safety, pleading with her to keep the secret if the powder was found to be safe.   Akua resisted, fearful that if her powder’s secret was discovered, it might be misused.  She was concerned that a large pharmaceutical corporation would charge a high price for it, making it unaffordable for the majority of people who needed it.  She has been steadfastly guarding the secret of her powder for decades.  Dr. Meister kept in touch with her, sending her his incurable cases and paying her visits.  According to Jerry, Akua’s devoted grandson, he never stopped asking but was always turned down.   Jerry began his new life in England as a postal worker, witnessing people with asthma and hay fever on a daily basis who had no hope of finding a treatment.  In 1994, he returned to Ghana and begged his grandmother to tell him about the cure.  At long last, Akua gave up.  Akua Asirifia finally bestowed her secrets upon her adored grandson Jerry Yamoa in a tribal ceremony.   When Jerry returned to England, he gave the powdered bark treatment to 20 coworkers who suffered from asthma and hay fever.  Every single one of them claimed to be significantly better, if not completely cured.  After two years, the results were overwhelmingly positive, with a 90 percent success rate.  After barely a month of treatment, those who had gotten the magical powder were still healthy and strong.  They didn’t require any additional medication and appeared to be in good health.  

What does Yamoa Powder do exactly and is it safe

Yamoa Powder treats the underlying source of your symptoms by modifying your immune system’s response to allergens, restoring normalcy and thereby removing symptoms. Thats the long and short of it.

Other beneficial characteristics revealed in YamoaTM by independent researchers from London, France, and the Ivory Coast combine to make it an excellent overall health supplement.

The top 5 Yamoa™ research findings:

  1. An effective anti-inflammatory.
  2. Improves white blood cell counts.
  3. Yamoa™ polysaccharides stimulate innate immunity and demonstrate potential for infectious disease.
  4. An effective antibacterial.
  5. Yamoa™ polysaccharides slant allergic immune response on a molecular level.

How to use:


Combine the full contents of the 30gm bottle with an average-sized jar of honey (about 1lb) (454gm).  Stir thoroughly until all of the powder is mixed, and then stir it again each time you use it.  


1 teaspoonful of the Yamoa™/honey mixture twice a day.

Children (under 12yrs):

½ teaspoonful of the Yamoa™/honey mixture twice a day.


Stir powder twice a day into a glass of water or fruit juice, tea or any beverage, or sprinkle on food.


¼ of a 5ml teaspoon twice a day.

Children (under 12yrs):

Take an ⅛ of a teaspoon twice a day.

It is important not to stop your or your child’s medication without your doctor’s advice.For best results, finish entire mixture even if relief is found at an early stage of your course. and a two month course should see long lasting affects.  

Where to buy Yamoa Powder?

Well right here on tulsans get your Yamoa power via Monolife Nutrition or click this link to purchase

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