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Talk the Talk with Jamal GK

Get to know Jamal GK Founder of Master Of Beards on tulsans Talk the Talk

The U.K. Black Spending Power

A great West Coast philosopher by the name of Tupac once said, “It’s on us to do what we got to do to survive.”

Why Yamoa Powder is becoming Popular

Recently we have been seeing an increase of sales for Yamoa Powder and it raised our curiosity as to why.  So we looked into it, and found some interesting facts about number one what Yamoa powder even is and number two what makes it so sought after. We thought we would share with you a…

5 of the Best BO spots for a date in London

So you have done the whole introduction stage, been through all the small talk. So now we are at the predate stage, and what better timing with valentines day coming up and whether its the first dates, second date or this introduction is irrelevant to you are you are a fully fledged couple looking for…

[FULL EPISODE] Dr. Umar Johnson on Cannon’s Class

This interview is one to watch. We came across this interview with Dr. Umar Johnson, and we thought it was a very interesting interview that touches on a lot of issues that our community faces. There are a few topics which raises some questions Should black people go to a phycologist? or should we create…

A four-day work week pilot programme is set to begin in the United Kingdom.

Dozens of British businesses have volunteered to participate in a trial scheme that would give staff four-day work weeks. Thirty companies have agreed to participate in the six-month pilot, which would allow employees to work up to 32 hours each week without losing pay or benefits. “According to Joe Ryle, director of the UK’s Four Day Week Campaign, “moving to a four-day week would be a win-win for companies.” “Studies suggest that  productivity rises, as well as employee motivation.” Other countries, such as Spain, New Zealand, and Iceland, have conducted similar trials. There will be more in Canada and Australia. Four-day workweeks result in maintained or enhanced output, according to a four year trial performed by the Icelandic government and the city of Reykjavik. The Icelandic government said last summer that the vast majority of the country’s workforce — 86 percent — “is currently working lower hours or earning the ability to work shorter hours.” The statement stated, “Worker wellbeing dramatically increased across a range of measures, from perceived stress and burnout to health and work-life balance,” adding that revenue “remained neutral” during the trials. Similar findings in its own experiments prompted the Spanish government to offer financial incentives to enterprises who reduce working hours without reducing wages. In the United States, the idea of a four-day work week looks to be gaining traction. A group of Democratic members in Congress filed legislation last month that would reduce the regular work week from 40 to 32 hours. If the bill passes, firms will be required to pay overtime to employees who work more than 32 hours each week. “It’s past time that we prioritised people and communities over corporations and their profits — finally prioritising the working class’s health, wellbeing, and basic human dignity over their employers’ bottom line,” said co-sponsor House Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington State. “The 32-hour work week would go a long way toward finally righting that balance.” Some businesses in the United States are not waiting for Congress’ approval. Instead, they’ve self-imposed a four-day, 32-hour work week. Last November, Bolt, a San Francisco-based e-commerce company, implemented a permanent four-day work week for its employees. “Moving to a four-day week would be a win-win for companies.”  Joe Ryle, director of the Four Day Week Campaign in the UK


The Mayor of London is proposing a £2 daily levy to assist meet climate change objectives, so London motorists may have more than just a parking penalty to worry about shortly. Sadiq Khan thinks that his current proposal, which would charge drivers a “small” daily cost of up to £2 for “all except the cleanest…

How to increase sales on tulsans

We have pinpointed a few areas to focus on to help increase sales on our platform. We are all about helping you to find more ways to increase sales on the tulsans platform. So we have come up with 7 tips to help you leverage your sales. 1. Title optimization  Titles are one of the…

Valentine is Coming!

“Let me give you some love and affection, you got my attention,” is anyone else singing this song or is it just us at tulsans preparing for Valentine’s Day? February 14th is upon us and we have creative indoor date ideas to spice things up with that special someone in your life…or just for the night. Whether…

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